Filling storage


We started using the new 10,000 ton potato shed for the first time in 2017.

The new storage is 115 meters long and has a roof where the cistern is located. Due to this length, we also had to make new conveyor belts that could transport the potatoes to the hall fillers We first filled the new lead from both sides and then the middle section from the large door.

In all, all storage technology is from Breston and we have been running the first cistern for over 10 years.

We now have 2 hall fillers from Breston, 1 meter wide and 21 meters long. we often use this as a duo band.

From 2009 we started to replace our Miedema storage line with Breston. Because of the experience with our cistern, we are convinced of the quality of Breston and we were the first to exchange a Miedema hall filler for a new Breston hall filler. This is also equipped with remote control and automatic filling programs.

In 2000 we bought a new storage line from Miedema. These tires were wider so that we could store faster. These conveyor belts are also more automated so that in principle one person can operate everything with the remote control.

In the early 1990s we also started storing potatoes in the pit, which was a large mountain of potatoes covered with straw and plastic. This way we could keep them until the end of November without any problems.
{1990 straw}

Over the years there have also been storage sheds and we have kept less and less in the pit. To get the potatoes into the storage shed, they are first tipped into the cistern with the tippers. This cistern cleans the potatoes one more time before they go further into the shed by conveyor belt. The leaves on the conveyor belts may still be removed by hand.

In the beginning, all the potatoes we grew were delivered to the factory on land. This was done with a cistern with readout belt and a few conveyor belts.


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