Step 16: Cover crop

After cultivation it is important to continue to provide soil life with food. Green fertilizers are sown to provide food for soil life. In addition to food, green manures also have a positive effect on the soil structure. In order to sow green manures in an efficient manner, we invested in a 6 meter wide mud, spit and sowing combination.

We conducted several tests to sow the correct green manure, after which we decided to put together our own mixture. Sowing a mixture preserves the soil life as much as possible and improves the structure of the soil. By growing the green manure in winter, the soil life also has food to survive in the winter months. Soil life is encouraged with a green manure crop to create a resilient soil.

In the spring, the green manure is worked in to prepare the plots for the next cultivation season. Before the green manure crops are incorporated, the material is first reduced by means of a flail machine and a milling cutter. After this the green manure is worked in by means of a spading machine or the plow. With the incorporation, the plant residues are incorporated, so that the plot is ready for the next growing season.

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