What is precision farming?

Precision agriculture is constantly evolving, interest in the use of precision agriculture is increasing. But what exactly is precision agriculture? The definition of precision agriculture is; apply the right cultivation measure, in the right place, at the right time. It is therefore important that multiple recurring times apply, multiple locations are involved and the amount applied must change (low, high, on or off).

The use of section sealing or RTK-GPS on the tractor is therefore not precision farming, but a precision technique. Section closure and RTK-GPS properly use multiple locations and different amounts, however recurring times are missing. In order to count something as precision agriculture, all three parts must come back. Precision agriculture strives to use the input as efficiently as possible, with the aim of maximizing the output, the crop yield and the final balance of the crop.

In the presidential agriculture, there are three potentials:

  1. Potential of the soil
  2. Potency of the starting material
  3. Potential of the weather

These three potentials together can represent the yield potential of a plot. This yield potential forms the basis of all measures that are taken in precision agriculture.