To deal with chemistry in a sustainable way, van den Borne has invested in a phytobac. The phytobac ensures sustainable degradation of plant protection products that come from the sprayer. The phytobac is a completely closed system with no residual water. Because the filling and washing area is completely insulated, the amount of rinse water cannot be increased by rainwater. The rinsing and cleaning water is collected centrally and is pumped to a storage location. From here it is frequently sprayed over the phytobac. Because this system is fully automated, the amount of liquid sprayed over the phytobac is matched with the evaporation rate. A transparent roof is mounted on the phytobac. This roof is 50 centimeters above the substrate to obtain optimal air circulation and evaporation. The phytobac is placed in the sun and on the wind. These factors increase the evaporation capacity of the phytobac.

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