Internships at van den Borne aardappelen

Within our company there is room to do various internship assignments. We can offer anything from collaborative internships to internships on all levels. We also have living and accommodation space for internal internships. The main thing in which we can teach you something is in the growing season. Here you get to know potato cultivation completely with all the techniques we apply. From plant analyzes to satellite images, we then use this to allow our cultivation to grow optimally. The growing season is from early June to about mid-August.

We have a wide choice of assignments for project internships and graduation assignments. Below a short impression
completed assignments and projects:

  • Application of precision farming techniques in other sectors
  • Effect of variable legs based on soil conductivity
  • Application of controlled traffic farming (CTF) in conventional agriculture
  • Turn yield data into yield potential data
  • 3D soil inventory
  • Precision Irrigation: Variable Irrigation and Irrigation Technology
  • Crop monitoring for optimization of calibration lines within precision agriculture
  • Mapping soil quality and the effects on potato cultivation
  • Research into (variable) planting systems in potato cultivation
  • Soil sampling based on soil scans
  • Mapping soil compaction using tractor data (ISObus) and resistance measurements
  • Analyzing precision agricultural data (big data) at company level
  • Translate precision agriculture knowledge into presentation of website and apps
  • Inhibition of berry formation in potato plants
  • Level-controlled drainage by means of soil conductivity scans
  • Automation of plant sap analysis
  • Analysis of 10 years of weather data to be able to control on temperature and radiation sum

If you are interested in an internship, please contact us with email. Please include your name, email address and telephone number so that we can always contact you. Also like to add a CV.

Stages in de landbouw

Hoe vult een stagiair landbouw 3 maand stage in zijn laatste jaar? Heel veelzijdig, zo blijkt. Althans volgens Jens Apers in het Nederlands akkerbouwbedrijf Van den borne aardappelen die koploper is in het gebruik van precisielandbouw technieken! Bedankt, familie Van den Borne!

Geplaatst door HoGent agro- en biotechnologie op Dinsdag 15 mei 2018

This video was made by Valentin Dumontier from France. He did an internship with us.

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