Internship experiences Pjotr de Vries     

Naam: Pjotr de Vries    
Woonplaats:  Steensel
Stageperiode:  juli t/m november  2015​
Soort stage:  projectstage
School: HAS hogeschool opleiding tuin en akkebouw

As part of the domestic project internship, which is part of the third year of gardening and arable farming, I did an internship at van den Borne potatoes. For my project I focused on the variable irrigation test field. 5 different irrigation zones were constructed in this test field. In addition to the sprinkling test, two different tillage applications were used in this test field, namely digging and plowing. A back and bed cultivation was also used. In addition to the test field, I took samples of his potato plots together with Jacob, and I also helped with the harvest. During the harvest I took a sample of each plot. This sample was assessed on underwater weight, length of the potatoes, size sorting and glassiness. In addition, I have a photo of each sample
taken for a program that will do size sorting and length determination using photos.
Above a photo of a monster. A program can extract the size and length of the potatoes from this photo. The potatoes have now been deposited by size sorting for inspection, but that will no longer be necessary in the future. I have also made a storage sample of most parcels. This sample is sent with the potatoes. This sample is weighed before going into shuur and again during sanding out. In this way, the weight loss of the potatoes can be determined. In addition to the things mentioned above, I filled up the rest of the time with all the usual activities at the company and helping other students with their projects. I wanted a cultivation-oriented and technical internship. This certainly worked with van den Borne potatoes. It was an internship with a good combination between cultivation and technology. To be able to apply technology you must first know your plant and that has certainly succeeded. After my internship, I still visit the company regularly to take samples from arrow tubes to measure the nitrate leaching.

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