Contract work Precision agriculture

Van den Borne potatoes has an extensive and specialized machine park. Cultivation measures are carried out on the basis of RTK-GPS, which ensures high efficiency. In addition to using the machines for its own cultivation, Van den Borne also carries out potato cultivation measures as contract work for third parties. The contract work tasks are often performed in exchange or part-cultivation construction and are therefore also in the service of potato cultivation. The contract work tasks that van den Borne performs are:

Spreading (variable) compost, lime and manure
To get the soil in optimal condition, van den Borne spreads compost, lime and manure with a Tebbe broad spreader. In addition, this spreader is able to read task cards, so that a variable dosage can be realized.

Soil cultivation can be carried out for a third party by means of a Lemken, 6 scissors plow or with the Imants spading machine, which has been purchased since 2019, with a working width of 6 meters.

To sow green manures, soy or grains, van den Borne potatoes has a Lemken solitary seed drill that hangs behind the Imants digging machine. From various tests carried out, it has remained that the Lemken solitary has the best sowing result and capacity.

(Variable) spraying, crop care
With the use of 3 Damman sprayers there is the possibility to spray crops for third. The latest technology makes it possible to spray your crop on a task card, whereby a variable dosage can be used.

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