Soil masters

SoilMaster scans, samples and advises for optimal soil fertility.

SoilMasters uses the latest advanced soil scanners to map the soil and determine the best points to sample it. The soil samples are analyzed with the unique Kinsey-Albrecht soil analysis, after which an accurate soil advice, linked to task maps, is determined. This makes it possible to work much more specifically on soil fertility and to increase the yield of crops.

Taking a soil sample from every square meter is an inconvenient, costly and time-consuming task. Fortunately, we can determine the soil fertility of every square meter of your plot by means of an indirect method. For this we use an Electro Magnetic Induction (EMI) sensor, which measures the electrical conductivity of the soil. The electrical conductivity or conductivity is abbreviated with EC and is an important measure of soil fertility. This is because the conductivity strongly depends on the moisture content, the clay content (texture), the organic matter present, the CEC and the amount of salts / minerals in the soil.

You can imagine that a moist soil conducts better than a dry soil, which actually insulates. A soil consisting of many small (charged) clay particles also conducts better than a coarser sandy soil. Clay soil also retains water more easily. The same applies to a soil with more organic matter. It conducts better than a soil with little organic matter. The sum of all the loads on the clay-humus complex is called the TEC. It is also easy to understand that a soil with a higher TEC has a higher conductivity.

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