Sorting and washing

Throughout the year, Van den Borne potatoes offers the opportunity to wash and sort potatoes and other crops for third parties. In our extensive waching we can sort potatoes into four different sizes and then wash and dry them. In the process diagram below you can see the steps and possibilities of the entire process.

1. Reception
On arrival, the dirty freight is weighed on the weighbridge. This can be done through Farm Frites badges or through our own badges where the freight is entered. The trailer can then be placed on the unloading belt. Before the potatoes go in, they are first rinsed with plenty of water above the basin. The largest contaminants have already been removed before entering the washing process.
Up to 3 trucks can be unloaded at the same time if they have the same load.

2. Size sorting
We have the option to sort the potatoes in the following sizes (millimeters):

  • 28-35
  • 35-40
  • 40-50
  • 50+

3. Washing process
Potatoes can go through the washing process as a whole batch or by size sorting. The party goes through a destoner first. Here all stones and clods are removed because they settle and the potatoes float. Then the potatoes go into the washing drum where they are thoroughly cleaned.
After the potatoes have been washed, they are dried by a cloth dryer so that the shelf life and processability are not shorter or more difficult.

4. Salt bath
If desired, we can separate glassy potatoes from your batch using our salt bath. In the salt bath, the potatoes are separated from each other in specific masses.
We can set the specific gravity from 1030 - 1080 grams per liter. The potatoes with a specific gravity greater than the set value settle and can be rinsed and loaded. The glass potatoes that are below the set value float to the surface and are removed from the process via corrugated belts.

5. Load
The potatoes are automatically loaded in the coupling trailer or are loaded from the bunkers into the car with the shovel. The freight is then weighed again and the truck can leave for the processor.

For more information and rates, please contact record with Jacob van den Borne.

You can also watch the complete process in the videos below.

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