Strategic Development Precision Agriculture (REAP)

The aim is to develop and implement & test vision technology measuring systems for the collection of, during the cultivation cycle and at harvest
site-specific data. Development and application of a cloud farm, which can enrich the data through integration and make it usable for precision agriculture.
The systems meet the following preconditions:
  • They are affordable because they can be used several times in a cultivation cycle.
  • These implementations have been tested for usability
  • They form coherent elements in a tracking system for the entire cultivation and production cycle.
  • Ultimately, these techniques lead to savings on fertilizers, water, fuel and plant protection products; it helps entrepreneurs to keep production up to the highest standards.

We develop 2 vision measurement systems and 1 cloud farm database with tools:
Mountable measuring system for quantity and quality of potatoes
  1. The measuring system must be able to function in determining the yield and quality of potatoes during the trial harvesting (partly manual work), during the harvest (on the potato harvester) and after storage and after the car wash (above the loading belt).
  2. Lightweight measuring system for crop conditions
  3. The measuring system must be able to collect reflection data of soil and crop at any time with the latest technology, with a drone, and process it into usable parcel maps. This in addition to satellite information, which can often not be delivered at crucial moments due to cloud cover.
  4. Farmcloud: database for integration of the mentioned measurements with tools for improving the data, so that the usability improves with every additional measurement and the cultivation of the data, including task cards for machines, becomes available.

"This project was made possible in part by a contribution from the Stimulation Fund of the Eindhoven Metropolitan Area and the Regional Economic Action Program (REAP) of the province of North Brabant."



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