Stage-ervaringen van Asterios Provatos  

Naam: Asterios Provatos
Woonplaats: Nigrita, Serres, Greece
Stageperiode:  Feb. - maa. 2024
Type stage: kennis-precisielandbouw
School: Perrotis College/American Farm School
Opleiding: MSc Sustainable Agriculture and Management

Although my stay was not long, both as a farmer in Greece and as a postgraduate student, I must admit that Van den Borne Aardappelen is a role model of a modern farm.

The two weeks I spent on the farm were completely creative and focused on the activities I had discussed with Jacob from the beginning. The innovative practices and the operating system of the business were what made me choose the farm, in order to monitor the collection of data concerning cereals and cover crops, and the subsequent application of surface fertilization and herbicide based on them. The multivariate data collection, and the combination of satellites, on-the-go sensors, drones, etc. In receiving data before the final planning of the management zones, they motivated me to visit the farm, and of course, my expectations were fulfilled to the maximum possible. At the same time, in preparation for the upcoming growing season, we collected data with a soil scanner, which was then processed to contribute to the multifaceted data that would create the maps with the management zones. 

My overall experience from my visit-brief internship in Van den Borne Aardapelen is clearly characterized by a positive sign, both in terms of technical knowledge and implementation of digital systems, as well as monitoring the operation and organization of the farm, contributing to the development of my knowledge in order to develop into the farmer I want to become in the future.

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