The history of our holdings is shown below. Click on the appropriate year to go there.

Drawing of the company in 2014 with a total storage capacity of 24000 tons

In 2012 we finalized the water purification and paving around our company. we have also built a rainwater basin in which we collect all the roof water and can reuse it for spraying. We have also placed a phyto container that processes all residual spray liquid.
In 2010 we built a new storage warehouse with three separate compartments. We did this because we want to store our seed potatoes separately from the rest of the potatoes. The new storage has a capacity of 5000 tons.
This storage warehouse is equipped with the new Tolsma EC fans. These fans can save half of their consumption at 80% of their nominal power. The construction of a roof between the old sheds and the sheds in 2004 was also started. Also, a second company house was built and we got a new address Postelsedijk 17. On the photo below you can see the new house and shed on the left silk. You can also see the construction of the roof between the old and new buildings. (in the middle)

In the spring of 2007 we started to clean up the burned shed. The entire roof and part of the concrete panels had to be replaced and all the mess had to be cleaned up before we could start rebuilding.
At the beginning of March 2007, the rebuilding of the warehouse started. The renovation was just in time for the new storage season at the end of August. The roof was completely renewed and part of the concrete panels were replaced. The panels were all painted and a fire wall was placed between the two roof parts.
There was also a sorting and laundry building in the left shed. As a result, the total storage capacity dropped by 3000 tons.
The photo below shows the conveyor belt from the old sheds to the new sorting plant.

On November 13, 2006 we were hit by a very large fire. This destroyed the new warehouse, including all machines and potatoes. The damage can still be seen on the googleearht photo from 8-4-2007. Only the rafters and the walls are still standing.
In 2004, construction started on 2 new storage sheds of 6000 tons. This was delivered in October. A workshop was also built for checking machines, which is located at the front of the potato sheds. in the photo they are the 2 right sheds.
In 2000, construction started on a potato storage facility of 2500 tons. This repository was built exactly between the other barns. A canteen with sanitary facilities was also added. In the photo below it can be recognized by a light gray roof.
In 1995, a new 4000-ton potato warehouse was built on full slatted floor. this shed was built behind the 2 front sheds. The warehouse is 75 meters long and 25 meters wide. In the photo below it is the rear shed with dark blue roof.
In 1987 we built our first potato warehouse. 2 years later he built the 2 machine (left) shed to this storage place.
In 1974 the house on Postelsedijk was built with a machine shed. This shed was 15 meters wide and 20 meters long.

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