Company information

Business type: Arable farm  
Location :  Reusel,  Noord-Brabant  
Crops: potatoes, sugar beets en corn  
Staff:  6 co-workers  
Soil type:  Covering sand with low organic matter content, sensitive to drought,
prinkling is used on 50% of the plots
Fields:   180 fields with an average size of 3 hectares, with an average
of 6 vertices per field
Storage capacity:  32.000 tons  


The grounds that Van den Borne cultivates are Kempen forest lands. These are generally soils on which crops such as rye, oats, barley, potatoes, sugar and fodder beet are grown. The ground suffers from two problems:
  • Very large restrictions related to flooding
  • Very large limitations related to desiccation
  • To control these restrictions, Van den Borne sprinkles 50% of their acreage.
The most common soils are field podzol soil that are loamy and weakly loamy and consist of fine sand. Veldpodzol soils are humus podzol soils without iron skins around the sand grains. They are divided into differences in loam content and coarseness of the sand. The soil is loamy and has weak loamy fine sand. The majority are young heathland reclamation areas that were cultivated after the introduction of the slurry. However, at the end of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, large areas of these grounds were also planted with pines. This map unit is spread over the entire area in large areas. The soils have a humus-containing top layer of an average of 25 to 30 centimeters, very dark gray to black in color and contain an average of 1 to 4% humus. This humus-bearing top layer is also called the cultivable zone, on our plots the depth of this cultivable zone is very different. For example, the cultivable zone is only 20cm on some plots, where it is 80cm deep on other plots. This therefore has a major effect on, for example, the use of compost. After all, a plot with an organic matter content of 3% with a cultivable zone of 80cm has more organic matter than a plot with an organic matter of 5% and a cultivable zone of 20cm. Below are some soil maps shown:


The buildings on the farm are mainly storage sheds for potatoes. The 3D model below shows the entire company with all buildings. Divided over 12 different cells, Van den Borne can store 32,000 tons of potatoes. In addition, there are two houses, a workshop, a place to stay for interns, a garage for machines and an office located on the company.


Boerderij by jacobvandenborne on Sketchfab

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