Step 14: Storage

During harvesting, the yield, size sorting and tare are measured on the potato harvester using the hyperspectral camera. Each trailer load is weighed on the weighbridge, enabling the data to be linked to each parcel. After this, a sample is taken from each tipper during the turnaround and passed through the Smartgrader. As a result, information such as underwater weight, size sorting and tipper length is added to the storage app. To further optimize the track and trace of the harvested potatoes, van den Borne has had a special program developed. This program is able to give each harvested trailer load of potatoes a unique position in the storage shed.

By giving each trailer load a unique position in the storage shed, it is possible to determine which size grading is available for the processing industry when the potatoes are delivered. From the developed program, the entire storage shed is divided into compartments, with each compartment displaying a separate trailer load with associated properties such as size sorting, underwater weight and total weight.

To be able to guarantee the quality of the potatoes, the Tolsma-Grisnich YOU technology is used during storage. The Yield Observation Unit is filled with potatoes and placed in the bulk batch. During storage, YOU continuously measures the weight of the potatoes, so that any storage losses can be identified. By using the YOU in bulk storage at different heights, it is possible to prevent storage losses as much as possible.



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