Stage-ervaringen van Philipp Kröll

Naam: Philipp Kröll
Woonplaats: Buchhofen, Duitsland
Stageperiode:  Maart 2022
Type stage: Buitenlandse stage
School: TU München


As part of my agricultural science studies at the Technical University of Munich, I am required to complete a 4-week internship in the producing agricultural sector.
As my personal interests lie in the field of potato cultivation as well as precision agriculture, my internship at the van den Borne Aardappelen farm was an excellent choice.

I was on the farm for the entire month of March, which allowed me to experience all the preparatory steps for sowing the potatoes. This gave me the opportunity to experience many different types of work, which made my time on the farm very varied and educational.
In order to get to know the work of a state-of-the-art arable farm, I can only recommend anyone to do an internship here.

I would like to thank the entire van den Borne team for integrating me so well into all the work and, of course to Jacob for making my stay possible at all.


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