Stage ervaringen van Luka Kišiček

Naam: Luka Kišiček
Woonplaats: Ferdinandovac, Croatia
Stageperiode:  April 2021 - november 2021
type stage: School internship
School: Križevci College of Agriculture
Opleiding: Agriculture & livestock breeding

I had a keen interest in precision farming. So, I made the decision to go for an internship at the Van den Borne aardappelen farm, for a period of 6 months. From my point of view, I had no practical experience in precision farming and modern potato production. But during those 6 months I learned a lot of new knowledge and skills with which I improved myself.

During my internship, which began in April, I had the opportunity to go through the entire period of potato vegetation from planting to harvest. The first work in the fields was preparation for planting, after which I participated in the planting of potatoes. Of course, precision farming would not be precision farming without sampling. In which I had the opportunity to perform all summer. But with these samplings, one can really see an insight into potato production and precision farming.

To summarize everything, if you are interested in precision farming, new technologies in agriculture, drones, applications, modern agriculture production, application of variable technology, irrigation systems and teamwork then this internship is for you. Because for me these 6 months were a life changing experience.

In the end a big thank you to Jacob, Louis, Peter, Dieter, Pjotr, René and Ferre.
And I can’t forget the fellow interns Rick, Charel, Tim, Danny, Ihno, Arnout, Jarne and Niels who spent those 6 months with me on the farm.


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