Stage experiences Valentin Dumontier

Naam: Valentin Dumontier
Woonplaats:  Normandie (FR)
Stageperiode:  July/ August 2018
Soort stage:  Working stage
School: Institut de Genech (FR)

"Being in studies "agronomy production plant", my internship in the farm Van Den Borne was very interesting for me.In fact, the accuracy of the farm is really interesting and has a real look at the future of the I was able to make various potato samples either in the fields of production or in the fields of test, but also the analyzes like the calibration or the analysis of petiole. I also could discover the irrigation, which was unknown to me, and which is now a familiar activity for me because I am able to fend for irrigation alone. I was also able to perform maintenance on potato packing equipment as well as on potato harvesters. This internship will be very enriching for me because it will have allowed me to discover a new country, a new type of agriculture as well as new practices such as irrigation. On stage at van den borne aardappelen will be a very good experience for me that I would do without doubt."


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