Internship experiences of  Josip Miloš

Name:  Josip Miloš
Living place:  Podravske Sesvete (Croatia RH)
Internship period:  June 3rd – September 28th 2019
Internship type:  Erasmus+ mobility program
School: College of Agriculture Križevci

At the beginning when I decided to come on van den borne farm, I didn't have a clue what I'll do there and in which way my learning will go. I had a completely different idea of precision farming, as a lot of people have in Croatia, A lot of farmers in Croatia think that the precision farming is only use of GPS technology, apps and software, but actually it’s more than that, I've learned there a really good definition of precise agriculture which goes like this „If you want to be a precision farmer, you have to be at the right time, on right place, doing the right thing”, otherwise it’s not a precision farming, for more information come and visit farm Van Den Borne.

During my internship on the farm, I’ve learned how to do sampling of potatoes, measurement of NO3 and K+ level in potato plants, I also learned a lot about irrigation strategies and management on the farm. My mainly job on the farm was sampling of the fields and collecting data, analyzing of collected data and working on reports, working with data was the best part of my internship, because I’ve learned a lot from those data, but beside that job I also did other jobs around farm like working on harvester, helping in transport of potato and whatever was needed to be done. . What is also impressive is that how innovative this farm is and always open for new ideas.

Furthermore, I’ve had an honor to work with colleagues from different countries, what helped me to improve my knowledge of English and German, and it was really nice to work with them, also I liked working with Van Den Borne team, they are really good team, always ready to help, specially, because I like teamwork

I want to thank all Van Den Borne team and specially to Jacob on his time that he take to work with me and answering on all my questions and his brother Jan, I didn’t spent much time with him, but I’ve learned some really important things from him. I am looking forward to visit Van Den Borne aardappelen farm again.
“If you want to learn more, start to ask why questions”

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