Deep cultivator

In the spring of 2020 we also used our deep cultivator again. This time to weld the spray marks and the carrot and parsnip strips from the strip cultivation plot

In 2016, we again frequently used the deep cultivator. Especially to pull off the spray marks after potato cultivation, but also, for example, to pull out beet land after harvest with heavy beet harvesters.

In 2014 we decided to purchase a new deep cultivator. We chose the Evers Batak deep cultivator. This deep tooth has 3 teeth with large goose feet that undercut and lift the full size. The machine also has a cage roller with which the land is left flat again. The machine is not only used for dissolving compactions, but also for pulling off the fixed spray paths after the season.

Also in 2011 we used the deep cultivator to solve disturbing layers in the test field. By detecting these layers with a penetrometer or with our EM38-MK2 soil sensor, we can work on these locations specifically with the deep cultivator.

In 2010 we used the deep cultivator again. This time to remedy a disturbing layer in the test field.
After measuring the penetration resistance with the penetrometer of the test plot, we determined that there were disturbing layers in the soil in a few places. We continued this with the deep cultivator before digging. The soil is pulled out about 80 cm deep.

Since plowing with subsoilers and packer on our company, the deep cultivator combination with packer is no longer used.
In 2009 we performed the deep cultivator again to test various soil cultivation. We plowed, digged and dug a piece on the same field. Beets were then sown. No clear differences emerged from the test, although the non-turning tillage (deep tines) was more affected by weeds.

Deep cultivating with packer combination has been happening at our company for a long time. In the past, plowing was done without front packer and subsoilers, so that after plowing the land was always prepared with this combination. In the photos below you can see the old Fendt 614 E at work with the deep-cultivator combination. In most cases, two tractors for the deep cultivator combination were put.

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