Sowing beets

Even in 2019, the beets are still sown with our fendt 210P. This small tractor has a very low dead weight, which ensures that the ground pressure remains possible. 

We also tested agco where we tested their new precision planter for sowing corn and sugar beet. This American machine has soil sensors in each sowing element, on which the sowing density (amount per ha) sowing depth and pressure on the sowing elements is automatically set. This machine can also sow precisely at a much higher speed and is equipped with RTk Gps section closure

Also in 2018 we sowed the beets with our fendt 210 P Vario. This year we invested in narrow tires so that we can drive exactly between the rows.

In 2017 we sowed the beets with our Fendt 210 P Vario. This is a narrow-track tractor that we mainly use for soil scanning, but also for beet sowing.

in 2016 we were able to sow the sugar beet very late through late spring. As a result, we could no longer use the 820 that we normally use for beet sowing because it was already in front of the potato planter. That is why we sowed the beet this year with our fendt 828.

In 2015, all our sugar beets sowed again with & the hose pump from Last season, the results were so good that we continue to use this technique. We clearly have a better yield than without row fertilization.

This year we equipped the beet sower with a hose pump from We want to see whether rows of fertilizer in beet cultivation also have added value.

A coulter is placed in front of each sowing element, which places the liquid fertilizer 3 cm below and 7 cm next to the seed. On the tank in the
The front pump is fitted with a peristaltic pump that regulates the vehicle's driving speed independently with a hydraulically powered impeller.

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Also in 2013 we sowed the beets with a Fendt 820. This is still equipped with the Reichhardt GPS rtk system, which allowed us to sow nice and straight.

This year we made a movie of it for the first time with our drone.

This year we sowed the beets with another Fendt 820.
This too was equipped with the Reichhardt Ultra guidance steering system that could be operated via the tractor's Vario (iso) terminal. The beet seeder itself had not changed.

Also in 2011 we always sow the beets with the Reichardt rtk system, which can be operated via isobus.
In this case we use the muller ISO terminal of our Dammann spraying machine.

We have also made a film about this which you can see below.

In 2009 we sowed the beet for the first time using rtk without markers. Because the Fendt 509 has burned down, we sow the beets with the Fendt 818 vario. Due to the larger tractor, we have changed the seed drill so that it loosens the soil a little deeper and wider. We also mounted the seed drill in the middle behind the tractor.

During sowing, we can now also skip tracks so that we can drive less turning tracks on the headland and thus save the ground.

In the film below you can watch the seeding with RTK GPS and also see how we automatically apply the spray marks after sowing using the GPS pull-in function.

We sow all our sugar beets ourselves with a twelve-row Accord beet seeder. At the front, an electric grain sower is mounted to sow grain against the spraying of the soil.

We sow with the Fendt 509 on wide tires at low pressure of 0.4 bar. We have made a separate trestle for the seed drill that pulls the tracks loose again.

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