In 2019 we invested in a front flail mower made of celli. This flail mower was purchased to shred green manures and possibly long grass for milling.

2019-1} This way we can still grow weeds freely with less weed control. The flapping also reduces the organic material, so that it can be better digested by the soil life. The flail mower has a working width of 6 meters and can be adjusted in depth with 2 rollers. For road transport, the flail mower is folded up in the same way as the grass cutter

In the photos below you can see our celli 6 meter grassland cultivator in action again. This time, milling was carried out during the grass harvest and fertilization.
The cultivator is also used to shorten green manures in the spring
Also in 2015, we still mill the grassland with the cello 6 meter cutter from 2008. The machine has now worked for 7 seasons and is still satisfactory.

This year we have again milled a lot of grassland with different tractors. We started with the 939 but then also milled with the 936 and 824. All tractors are equipped with the Reichhardt RTK system so that we have as little overlap as possible with all tractors

In 2013 we milled everything with the new fendt 824. We bought it to relieve the 936 by coupling the spading machine to the cutter. Consumption is in line with the 936.

This year we milled a lot of grassland with a Fendt 936 with rtk gps control
You can see how this works in the video below.

In 2011 we still had a lot of grass to mill at the end of the season and we hired the 4.5-meter-wide cutter from the implements cooperative for a few days.

The cultivator is also used to process corn stubble from threshed corn so that these short stubble are digested better in the ground. The driving speed is then around 6 km per hour.

In 2008 we decided to exchange the Agrator cutter for a new Celli cutter. We had been looking for more capacity and less wear for some time. Celli was the only manufacturer to sell a six meter wide folding cutter that met our requirements. We didn't want to lose the solidity that the old Agrator had.
The Celli is also equipped with an oil cooler, only with a radiator and a fan. The cutter blades are also mounted between two holders and the machine can even be loaded up to 360 hp. The cutter has a total weight of 4000 kilos and everything is hydraulically adjustable.
We already tested the machine on corn stubble in the autumn. Here we could easily drive 5 km / hour with a consumption of 16 liters of diesel per ha.

We also milled a lot of grassland with it this year, and the speed with which we mill grassland is around 2.5 km per hour. This amounts to 1.5 ha per hour. We use Reichhardt Ultra Guidance PSR autopilot on our Fendt 930. It uses the free to receive Egnos signal which has a precision between 30 and 10 cm (in our case even more accurate).

This new cutter was the heaviest model capable of handling up to 300 hp. The machine was driven on both sides and was equipped with an oil cooler that cooled the warm oil from the transmission by pumping it around the frame. This cutter also had a pressure roller and the knives were enclosed between two plates with bolts.
Due to the gearbox in the milling cutter, we were able to rotate the rotational speed of the milling shaft almost 1/3 faster than normal, which allowed us to mill faster. This amounted to four km / h and 1.2 ha per hour in grassland milling. Consumption was about 28 liters per ha.

The first milling machine we had was an Agrator milling machine 2.80 wide. We have used this machine for 15 years and exchanged it in 1998 for a new Agrator cutter.


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