Since we started grain cultivation in 2018, we have tried various precision sowing techniques. Green fertilizers have been sown on our farm for a long time, but always via a pleumatic seeder with deflector plates on the roll of the cultivator or digging machine. After several tests by students, we saw that in this way of sowing we lost a lot in quality and quantity (40% of the seed did not come out because it ended up at the wrong depth or could not make ground contact. For this reason we invested in professional sowing technique Below you see the history of sowing

In 2019 we were able to try out a demo seed drill combination via Lemken. After the positive experiences of 2018, we were looking for a machine with more capacity and a larger working width. This demo combination consisted of a 6 meter Lemken Heliodor disc harrow and a 6 meter solitary 25 pleumatic seed drill. This trailed combination has a very high capacity and provides good sowing work.

In 2019, we also conducted various tests with sowing combinations. We were already convinced of the sowing technique, but in particular we varied the soil preparation for sowing. We put cultivators + sowing, disc harrow + sowing and spading + sowing side by side in a trial to see if there are any differences in the green manure.


Following the trial in 2017, we decided that we wanted to continue with sowing technology with trailers and pressure rollers. In the autumn of 2018, we started cultivating Durum wheat and sowed winter barley. After the positive experiences with the Amazon, we asked Lemken if we could have a solitary seed drill on trial. They still had a worn heliodor with a solitary seeder of 3 meters that we were allowed to use. We have sown all our cereals and green manures with this machine.

For a student assignment, we did a test of sowing green manure in different ways. We compared our accord pleumatic front seed drill with an APV pleumatic seed drill and the Amazone Cataya seed drill from Tim Keysers. He has bought this Isobus seed drill for sowing winter rye which he uses in his biogas plant. The test clearly showed that sowing with a cauter ebb pressure roller was clearly better than sowing with a pleum size with deflector plates. In the autumn of 2017 we started growing winter barley. We also sowed these with the Amazon Cataya from Tim Keysers.

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