Fertilize spring

The spring fertilization of all our plots always consists of slurry. This manure comes from livestock farmers in the area. The manure is spread out and worked directly underneath or it is injected directly. The manure is spread by the livestock farmers themselves or by a contract worker.

The slurry was again applied with high accuracy in 2019. Both the peat house tank and the verveat of contracting company Vermeulen are equipped with RTK GPS and have NIR sensors that measure and register live manure content on nitrogen, potash, organic matter and released volume. This data is used to immediately see how many nutrients are put in the manure, so that it can be switched immediately if it contains more or less than expected.

In 2018, a lot of manure was again spread with the peat house fertilizer. We applied this fertilizer both in the spring and after the year (after barley and wheat). Spring fertilization with arable land injector and summer fertilization after barley and wheat with grassland injector

In 2018, contracting company Vermeulen also invested in new fertilization technology. They chose a Verveat Hydro Trike 5 wheeler with RTK GPS autopilot and NIR manure measurement. The injector is also equipped with GPS section control so that there is no more overlap. This is especially easy in parcels with a gusset.

From 2016 we are doing tests with NIRS manure measuring techniques. This is an NIR sensor that measures the contents of the slurry directly. In this way, maps can be made and we know where, which minerals are available. In this way we can also set the amount of minerals in advance so that exactly what the plants need is applied. {manure-2017}

In 2015, the makingsense test field was again fertilized by the contracting firm that touched their peace.
{peace-2015} Again this year there are 4 different fertilization levels that have been applied with the rtk system on the peace. In the photos below you can see the different zones nicely. {Peace-2015-1}

In 2013, we also laid out a fertilization test field in the potato test. This manure has been spread by contracting firm out of high with their Vredo self-propelled. The Peace was equipped with RTK GPS and a disc harrow to ensure a perfect distribution.
We have also made a video of this.

The potato fertilization test field was injected by the Vermeulen brothers from Bladel with their Vervaet Hydro Trike with 8 meters of arable land injector. See the photos below.


The above combination is from the Keysers family in clean pants. They fertilize with a 30 cubic meter of Jako tons with a Fendt 818 favorit.

The above combination is from Ad van den Borne in Reusel. He drives for himself but also for third parties with an 18 cubic meter Peecon with arable injector. The photos below show Thieu Lavereisen with Peecon barrel with arable injector.

Below is the fertilizer combination of contractor Van Raak.

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