In the spring of 2019 we decided to buy an extra plow in order to have more capacity and to process more surface area faster. For the new team we again opted for a Lemken Juwel 6 scissors plowed with flex suit. This team is also equipped with Isobus and has RTk team control. We have the team to our "old" Fendt 828. The "old" Lemken team with fendt 936 also functioned well this year

The plowing in 2018 went well, We have plowed over half of our areal with the new Lemken team and the Fendt 936

Spring 2017 was relatively dry. This year we plowed with flex suit with our new Lemken Juwel 6 scissors. This team is fully controlled via isobus and also has GPS control.
After a very wet winter, the spring of 2016 starts very late and lasted longer than usual because there was also a lot of rain during the spring. Because our new team could not be delivered on time, we plowed all season with a demo jewel 6 scissors plow from Lemken. This was equipped with plastic risters that would have less friction. This team was also equipped with a flex suit and subsoilers. Also in 2016 we plowed again with the fendt 936. This year we put this on special Mitas plow tires to better drive through the front. Experiences were very good with these tires

In 2015, we plowed the majority of all plots that had to plow with a Lemken jewel demo team with a fix pack. However, we also plowed with the Lemken Varitansanit 7 scissors for a few days. We had the new Juwel 6 scissors on demo to test the new ISObus shift control and to see how the fix pack would work. The plow steering is now integrated in the ISObus control and can be operated via the ISObus CCI terminal.

Also in 2014 we plowed with our Varitansanit 7 scissors. This was already the 8th season, and still with the first strips on the risters. We do notice that we are asking more and more of the team, partly due to the heavier tractor (Fendt 828) that has been in front of the team for a few years now. Also this year we would get a team from Lemken to try as a replacement for the Varitansanit 7 scissors. We would get a Juwel 6 scissors with fix pack and isobus control. But this team was also not available with a fix pack in our team season. So we got a jewel 6 scissors without fix pack but with isobus for testing.

Spring 2013 we also plowed again with our Lemken varitansanit and a Fendt 828 vario. This year we equipped the team with GeoPlough X team control from trimble. The tractor was already equipped with a trimble autopilot, so we decided to send the plow with rtk as well. The advantage of plowing with rtk is not very big on sandy soils.

The system is very easy to plow out of the field. The felling also looks super sleek, of course. Our intention, however, is to be able to log extra data from the team in order to be able to tell something about the soil compaction. Unfortunately this was not yet possible with the trimble control. As you can see in the photos, the plow candle is straight. On the field you can see several fertilizing strips from the test field. These have been fertilized in the transverse direction to clearly see differences.

We also made a video of plowing with GPS control. you can view it below.

This year we also went looking for a successor to our Lemken Varitansanit 8. This team is still fine, but we actually miss a permanent packer of the machine (flexpack) that we had tested on the jewel last season. Because Lemken does not yet want to build a varitansanit with a flex pack, she proposed to try a drawn team on which they could deliver a flexpack next season. Because we did not have our own tractor available at the time of the demo, we hired a large john deere from Geert Jan the Kok for plowing, this was a Lemken vari diamond 12,9 scissors. The intention was to get this with a flex pack, but it was still in Denmark at the time. So we got a vari diamond without a flex pack to see if this would be an option for us. As you can see in the photos, this plow is a towed plow for which you do not have to cross at the headland but make a big turn. To make this bend well you need about 18 meters, which is a lot on our small plots.

Also in 2012 we still plow with the Lemken varitansanit and a Fendt 828 vario. The team is now entering its sixth season and has already plowed more than 2,400 ha. that is 170 ha per shear. All this has survived the striker without replacement. Compared to our previous teams, this is almost 3 times more durable. This can partly be explained by the slower plow speed, but also by the strip rider himself.

We had a few malfunctions of the electronics this spring (sensors defective) but all in all it did not go bad.

At the end of the year we received a prototype team from lemken to test. This was the Lemken Juwel 8 with flex suit. This is a 6 scissors mounted plow with strips of rister and a new packer attached to the plow. The team was fine. The new packer had surprised us positively. This compacted the soil better than we thought.

This year we are no longer plowing with the Fendt 820 but with the new Fendt 828 vario. The Lemken Varitansanit 7 scissors have plowed its fourth season this year without many problems. Fuel consumption has not dropped per hectare despite the more economical 828. However, this year we have equipped the plow with all the underlayers (6), which pull the ground under the plow for about 15 cm. The front packer is also equipped with new rings for better compaction of the soil.

In 2010 we put another (new) Fendt 820 Vario in front of the team to be able to run this tractor in the best possible way. The 2010 season again went very well with an average low fuel consumption of 17.8 liters per ha.

In 2009 we still plow with the Varitansanit 7 scissors. The team is still fine. We plowed 400 ha this year with an average consumption of 16.8 liters per ha. We have weighted the Fendt 820 with wheel weights to get an even better power transmission.

In 2008 we bought the Lemken Varitansanit. This team had exceeded our expectations on all counts. Spring 2008 was only wetter than 2007, increasing the average fuel consumption from 16 to 17.3 liters per ha.

In the spring of 2007 we started a new team on trial.
The new team is a Lemken Varitansanit 7 scissors. We plowed with a Fendt 820 Vario. This has a maximum power of 206 hp. Plowing went superbly this year. The new team has proven itself well this spring. Thanks to a new system from Lemken that ensures that the wheel slip, which is standard around 20% to 25% when plowing, is reduced to 3% to 5%, all horsepower can be used optimally. This makes it possible to pull a 7-furrow plow with ground supports and a packer with a 200 hp Fendt. Plowing the headlands is also very easy. We always plow the headlands in front. We can lift at the last wheel for the rear wheel so that it does not plow for more. With this team we were able to plow an average of 7 km / h measured with the radar sensor (minimum slip). The plow has a working width of 3.75 meters. This amounts to a capacity during plowing of just over 2.5 ha per hour. If we count the turning and road transport, we arrive at an average capacity of 2.2 ha per hour. This gives it the same capacity as the spading machine.

Plowing the headlands is also very easy. We always plow the headlands in front. We can lift at the last wheel for the rear wheel so that it does not plow for more. In terms of consumption, this plow performs better than the spading machine. We have an average consumption of 16 liters per ha. Consumption has fluctuated between 13 liters / ha and 19 liters / ha. When transporting by road, the rear wheel is secured and the plow can pivot at the front of the trestle. This makes it feel like you are driving the road with a tipper.

In the fall of 2006 we tried a 6-furrow plow from Kverneland. Our old Lemken team needed to be replaced, so we gave all brands a chance to sell again. The plow we tested here was a Kverneland 6-plow plow with an option to ride over. This means that you do not have to drive in the front, but that you can also drive next to it.

Normal plowing (in the front) was also very easy. We plow with a Fendt 818 Vario with these 6 scissors. We were able to reach a speed of 7.5 km per hour with 1700 engine speeds. The Kverneland plow pulls very lightly by using a special type of rister.

In the spring of 2005 we got a Fendt 926 Vario on trial. We plowed and spit with this tractor. We could not fully utilize the available power during plowing, because at higher driving speeds the quality of the plow work deteriorated. The 926 was able to reach a speed of 11 km / h at 1600 rpm, measured with radar sensor (without slip). With normal plowing (7-8 km / h) we were able to achieve a consumption of 18.5 liters / ha. If we plow with our 818, we can achieve a consumption of 24 liters / ha.

In 2002, an attempt was made to pull the 5-furrow scissors with a lighter tractor, namely a Fendt 716 Vario. This proved to work well in terms of lifting power, but in terms of horsepower on the lighter side. A year later, the Fendt 916 Vario was exchanged for a Fendt 818 Vario with 196 hp. This was put at the front of the 5-scissors.

In 1998 we bought our first Fendt Vario 916 together with a new team. It was a Lemken Euro Opal 8 5-scissors reversible plow. This too was equipped with underlayers and a new packer. The packer consisted of a large 90 cm roll and a small 45 cm crumbling roll. The swing team was also still on the farm as a backup team.

We soon found out that the new front packer was pressing the soil too tightly and the old front packer of the swing plow was used again. It had two 60 cm rolls and no crumbling roll.

In 1995 we exchanged the 4-furrow scissors for a Lemken Rodonit 5-furrow swiveling plow with underlayers and a double furrow press for the front linkage of 2.5 meters wide. The swing plow functioned well and was so light that even smaller tractors could lift it.

From our past there has always been plowing on our farm as main tillage. The first team that was purchased was a Lemken 4 scissor with trailed packer and underlayers. This packer first had to be mounted on wheels and then hung behind the plow with a tow bar.


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