The company was founded by Jan van den Borne in 1952. Before then, he and his wife Anna had a fruit orchard in Postel. He also worked for Jef Mertens. Jef Mertens had a mixed company just on the border between Reusel and Postel at the Reusels Huiske. He had livestock and grew cereal seeds. In 1952 Jan van den Borne was able to take over Jef Mertens' farm. Jan continued to cultivate sowing grains and started mechanization. He mowed with the tractor and self-tie. Then everything was put on riders to let the grain dry. A few weeks later, these riders were stacked in large mites or under umbrellas so that they could be threshed in the winter.
He also started growing peas. These were cut by hand and driven to the factory on wagons. The pea plants were threshed there.

Jan bought his first combine in 1965, which enabled him to expand his acreage considerably. He also started growing sugar beets for the sugar factory.


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