Around 1970 Jan also started growing potatoes of the Saturnas variety for the potato chips industry (Golden Wonder). These were mechanically grubbed and sorted together with a few other farmers.

In 1972 Jan built a new farm in Reusel for Anna and the children, because he could get electricity and running water here.

Around 1974 the potatoes were grown for Nestlé in Venray. For this he had bought machines together with his brother Janus van den Borne.

In 1978, his son Louis van den Borne took over half of his business. Louis went to live in the farm in Postel with his wife. In 1979, electricity finally came to the Reusels Huiske. The renovation started then, which 5 years later led to the opening of restaurant "De Postelsche Hofstee". The house of Poppeliers (at the Reuselseweg) was also converted into a home for Jan and Anna van den Borne at that time.

Louis Van den Borne stopped growing grain in 1983 and continued growing peas. A year later he also started salsify for La Corbeille. He still grew the potatoes for Nestlé. These were the varieties: Bintje, Mentor and Prominent. These were delivered directly after harvesting. He also started growing autumn seed potatoes. These were planted around August 1 and cleared in early November. In addition, he also grew sugar beet, corn and beans for Jonker Fris.

In 1987 Louis stopped growing potatoes for Nestlé and started growing freely. He built his first potato store and sorting shed and started sorting himself. The lower sizes went to Firb Grobendonk and Dutch potato in Werkendam (now Mc Cain). He sold the 50+ sizes to Farm Frites in Lommel. He brought them with the tractor, first with a 20-ton trailer later around the nineties he bought his first trailer from Theo Bos (now Farmtrans). This allowed him to transport 33 tons at once. The seed potato cultivation had become a spring cultivation instead of an autumn cultivation.

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