In the early 1990s, a new factory was built by Farm Frites in Lommel (Farmo). This factory was also able to process under size, so we stopped supplying Frima Grobendonk and drove all potatoes to Lommel. The machine park was also greatly improved around 1990. The old Hassia planter was exchanged for a Gruse planter with electronic vibrators. He did the crop protection with a 33 meter trailed Cebeco sprayer. The Wühlmaus harvester had also made way for a Grimme dls 1500 potato harvester. All potatoes were stored in the shed or in 200-ton pits.

In 1995 a new potato storage facility of 4000 tons was built on a fully slatted floor. Potato cultivation became an increasing part of the total area. The machine park has not stood still either. Louis bought a large Fendt to plow with a 5 scissors (circular) plow with a packer and to bring his potatoes to the factory.
New machines were also purchased for planting and harvesting. The planting was done with a Fendt 512 and a Grimme planter. Digging was also done with the Fendt 512 and a Grimme dls 1700 trailed harvester with front flap.

In 1998 spraying and grubbing was further mechanized by doing these operations with self-propelled machines. An AVR self-propelled 4-row harvester and an Agrifac self-propelled sprayer of 39 meters were purchased. The swing plow was also exchanged for a 5-shear reversible plow with a packer and a spading machine with a granulate spreader was bought.

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