Internship experiences Didier Stevens

Naam: Didier Stevens​
Woonplaats:  Beek  Limburg
Stageperiode:  Juni-Juli 2016 
Soort stage:  Oriëntatiestage
School: HAS Hogeschool 's-Hertogenbosch
Huidig werk Kwekerij Stevens 

The 4th block of the first year of my Horticulture and Arable Farming program at HAS Den Bosch consisted of an orientation internship. This internship consisted of 2 times 4 weeks and we searched in pairs for 2 companies in the primary sector. The first 4 weeks I did an internship at John de Lepper tree nursery and the last 4 weeks at van den Borne potatoes. The internship at the end of the first year was a good opportunity to apply the knowledge gained from the past year in practice.

June 2016 was one of the wettest periods in years. During my internship period, more than 300 mm of rain fell in some places. As a result, there was a nuisance of water, especially on the lower parcels. During my internship, I therefore drained water from the land for several days in order to let the soil dry slightly. The planting had already ended by the time I did an internship at van den Borne and the potato plants were already starting to surface. In my first period I did go out with the planting in the evening and also fly with the drone. In my period I went through 2 sampling rounds. I helped with both, which was very interesting because it gives you a good idea of ​​how the plants are developing. With modern techniques, data is obtained and this data is then used to determine, for example, the amount of fertilizer donated per parcel. I found the internship at van den Borne potatoes to be fun and educational. Together with 3 other interns, we got along well, so the period went very quickly. The internship was also educational because I have now gained insight into another branch of the agricultural sector. In addition, the sampling was completely new to me and I have learned a lot from this. I would like to thank Jacob, Jan and the other employees at Van den Borne potatoes for the good guidance and the fun, educational time.


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