Internship experiences Tjeerd Derks​

Naam: Tjeerd Derks
Woonplaats: Ven-Zelderheide
Stage periode: juni-juli 2015​
Soort stage: Oriëntatiestage​
School: HAS Hogeschool ’s-Hertogenbosch​

In the last period of the first year at HAS University of Applied Sciences I did an orientation internship of 4 weeks with Van Den Borne Potatoes. From the Horticulture & Arable Farming program, this internship was a great way for all students of the program to apply the knowledge in practice. The assignment was to do a 4-week internship at two different companies, in order to get to know the practical situation better. First I did an internship at a strawberry nursery for 4 weeks, and then I started working at Van Den Borne. My tasks during this internship consisted of helping to keep the sprinkling running, first sampling round of all plots, and plotting a number of measuring plots in a variable sprinkling test. I have also been able to collect a new type of sprinkler reel from Smits B.V. in Veldhoven, which was tested at Van Den Borne and has since been purchased. This was very interesting because this is a completely new concept for the Netherlands.

For me it was a very fun and educational internship. I learned a lot from Jacob and Jan, especially during the sampling rounds, and the sprinkling has been very interesting. In my 4 weeks that I did an internship, there was high temperatures and little rainfall. This made the internship a lot more intensive due to the high pressure of the irrigation that had to run well, but we managed to keep it going well.

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