Internship experiences Jasper Janssen 

Naam: Jasper Jansen
Woonplaats: Leunen (L)
Stage periode: oktober 2009 tot februari 2010
Soort stage: 2 dagen in de week
School: Helicon College Den Bosch/Boxtel (1e leerjaar)
Huidig werk: Vertegenwoordiger Tolsma in Duitsland

 Internship at Van den Borne Potatoes
Van den Borne Potatoes is a progressive company. This makes it also very suitable as a training company. The company employs enthusiastic people with whom you can reach a higher level. What did the internship mean? Learning to work with tractors and machines, but also the associated maintenance thereof. There was no concrete assignment. During my internship, the activities at the company included: harvesting potatoes and sugar beets, maintaining parcels, washing and delivering potatoes and servicing the various machines.
Today I am still working in the potato sector and I work at Tolsma. A few times a year I still visit the company. Every time I learn more!

Jasper Janssen from Leunen

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