Internship experiences Cederic Deguffroy en Björn Demaree

Naam: Cederic Deguffroy en Björn Demaree
Woonplaats: Oostkamp en Gits, Oost Vlaanderen, België
Stageperiode: Eerste week van september 2018 en voorjaar 2019
Soort stage: Buitenlandse stage 
School: Vives Roeselare

We, Cederic and Björn, had the honor to do an internship at Van Den Borne potatoes. Our arrival couldn't have started better, we saw the demo Fendt 943 MT tracked tractor driving around the company. Moreover, we were immediately welcomed with open arms.

The first days we were mainly used to start sampling. We learned a lot about the potato and about the disease symptoms that may or may not be present. However, we were able to conclude a number of things with the results of the sampling. This is also the intention of sampling. During our internship period we were also able to participate in an open day at the company, which was very interesting. 40 exhibitors were present to promote their product in connection with precision farming. It is very impressive what one can do today, and what the future might become. The exhibitors also had the opportunity to give a demo. Halfway through the internship, we had the opportunity to join in the grubbing, which of course we really enjoyed. We were each allowed to drive a tractor to help drain potatoes from the field to the shed.

Sunday = playing time. We were allowed to drive the demo Fendt 943 MT ourselves. A field of 10ha had to be cultivated with a machine from Vaderstad. Many photographers turned up. It was one of the first places where the demo was shown. Of course it was a unique opportunity for us to drive the demo. After cultivation, green fertilizer still had to be sown. This was done with a Fendt 724 and an Amazon seed drill.

We would like to thank the Van Den Borne family and all employees for the warm welcome and for what we have learned. It was a great experience!


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