Internship experience Bart Pinckers

Naam: Bart Pinckers
Woonplaats:  Margraten  Limburg
Stageperiode:  April-Mei 2016
Soort stage:  Oriëntatiestage
School: HAS Hogeschool 's-Hertogenbosch

In the last period of the first year at HAS University of Applied Sciences I did an orientation internship for 4 weeks. The purpose of this internship was to get to know another company and to work with it. The first few weeks of my internship were in the middle of the planting season. These weeks I supplied seed potatoes and also leather legs. Milling grassland was also one of my tasks during the planting season. After all the potatoes had been planted, we made trenches for the water drainage in the plots, and then we started sampling the first plots. The fertilization was subsequently adjusted with the data from the samples. Other important work was draining water. At the end of my internship period, there was heavy rainfall which flooded the potato fields.
During my internship I learned a lot in the field of precision agriculture and would certainly recommend the internship to anyone interested. I would like to thank Jacob, Jan and all other employees for the pleasant cooperation and the wonderful and informative time at Van Den Borne Potatoes.

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