Internship experiences Rowan Turk

Naam: Rowan Turk
Woonplaats:  Marum (Groningen)
Stageperiode:  Mei-juni  2016 
Soort stage:  meewerkstage
School: Nordwin College Leeuwarden

During my MBO level 4 arable farming course, I had the opportunity to do an internship abroad for an 8-week period. Since I thought it was too short a period for abroad, I chose to do the internship at Van Den Borne, because my interest lies in precision agriculture. Because it was only an internship, I (unfortunately) had no technical engineering assignments.

I came in the middle of the planting season at the end of April, the first weeks I helped with supplying the legs and seed potatoes. In addition, I also learned to plant with the new Miedema structural 4000 planting machine, which they purchased last spring. The following weeks, the work consisted of draining due to bad weather, pure spraying of the storage and machines for the presentations, and also nitrogen measurements at the first and second sampling rounds, which is very interesting, because it gives you a much better understanding of how plants develop.

In the first week I also helped with plants of the trial field in which there are different plots, such as plant depth, plant data and grower. This way you can check at the end of the season whether there are differences in how the seed potato grower stores his seed potatoes. In addition to the activities, we also had a few outings, such as the drone demo day in Westmaas, and a cruise in Rotterdam with the Agrico youth day where Jacob made a presentation at the time. {Rowan}

During the internship period I made use of the luxurious student residence, which I really liked. At that time there were 4 other interns, which made the time go even faster. That is why I would like to thank Jacob, Jan, all other staff members and Malaga interns for their guidance and fun.

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