Internship experiences Corné van den Einden

Naam: Corné van den Einden
Woonplaats: Lierop
Stageperiode: 12 September 2016 t/m November 2016
22 Mei 2017 t/m 7 Juli 2017
Soort stage: Binnenlandse projectstage
School: MBO Plantenteelt Citaverde Horst 
Huidig werk: Teeltmedewerker Groentenkwekerij
 A vd Einden 

On my birthday I started an internship at Fam. Vd Borne. The harvest was imminent. Due to the heavy downpours in the growing season, it was very difficult to make the right choices. Fortunately, it cooperated again with the harvesting season. I learned a lot about the harvest of potatoes. I also got to know the area well. Yields were very variable. In the second block I was able to follow the growth of the crop. It was extremely dry in June, so we went out with the reels continuously. I have gained a lot of knowledge about how people grow. During my internship I have had many positive experiences. I also met a lot of new people. I found it very interesting to learn more about the precision farming method.

It was a great collaboration with the staff and the van den Borne family. They were successful internship periods. Had a great internship with Jacob and Jan and the rest of the family, thank you very much for this.

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